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2003. gada 5. maijā, 4 komentāri

Love (0), 15, 30, 40. Un kāpēc tieši 40? Ja loģiski būtu 45. Kurā brīdī un kāpēc punktu skaitīšanas sistēmā 45 nomainījās uz 40? :)

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Gravatar misame

2003. gada 5. maijā, plkst. 13:58

Interneta viedie saka shaadi:

The mysterious scoring system also extends back at least as far as this point in history since it is mentioned in a poem about the Battle of Agincout written in 1415. Originally it seems that the scoring was in fifteens going 15, 30, 45 but over time, instead of saying "forty-five", people started to say forty" for short and eventually this stuck. But why 15s? Well no-one really knows but it seems likely that the origin is a French one since in the early middle ages, 60 was a very key number in France in the same way that 100 is today. That's why the words for seventy, eighty and ninety in French are based on sixty e.g. seventy is "soixante-dix" or "sixty and ten" so it makes sense that a game might be to sixty points. But then, why divide by four? The most likely theory is to do with betting since most sports including tennis were played for money in the middle ages. There were laws in nearby Germany in the 14th and late 13th centuries that forbade stakes greater than sixty "deniers", which supports the theory. And it so happens that at about the same time there was a coin in circulation called a "gros denier tournois" which was worth 15 deniers. So maybe the French tennis playing public were playing for one "gros denier tournois" per point up to the maximum stake of sixty deniers for a game.

Gravatar Delf

2003. gada 5. maijā, plkst. 15:50

njaa, kaa saka : Google will answer you! :)

Gravatar Kaklz

2003. gada 5. maijā, plkst. 17:02

izskaidrojums ne pa jokam ;)

Gravatar zz

2003. gada 7. maijā, plkst. 11:42

Vviss ir daudz vienkaarsaak. "Moderno" laiku tenisa sacensiibaas (Vimbldonas pirmssaakumi) rezultaata atteelosanai lietoja pulksteni. Pienemot, ka 60 ir vinneeta partija, 15, 30, 40 - 1\4, 1\2, 2\3.