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2003. gada 10. oktobrī, 14 komentāri

Dēls prasa māmiņai:

— Mamm, a kas ir minets?

— Nūūū, dēliņ.... Tas ir tad, kad TO ņem mutē....

Vīrs atvēzienā iekrauj sievai pa skaustu un paziņo:

— Stulbā kaza! Mums tač dēls aug! Nevis ņem, bet dod mutē!

Tu atbildi augstāk redzamajam komentāram. Atcelt

Gravatar es

2003. gada 10. oktobrī, plkst. 17:23


Hello. My name is Kathy. I am 14. I am creating this poll because I am curious about if this self defense method really works. What I am talking about is hitting a man where it hurts most. Every man knows that even a slight hit in the balls hurts. You can use this to your advantage. Every girl knows that a guy’s nuts hurt. Every mother tells their daughter this advice. And it is such a valuable tip. So this poll is to find out if it really works for self defense, and what is the best way of doing it. This is not joke about fantasies, and you don't have to answer all the questions if they don't apply to you. Just leave them blank. Thankz! HEY! Feel free to comment in the Talk section because there is much more to this than what is in these questions!

Gravatar es

2003. gada 10. oktobrī, plkst. 17:24

LOL ========== In Reply To ========== When I was in 7th grade, during PE class a boy was trying to get my attention. Flirting with me and trying to bother me. But then he put his hands where they don't belong. I kicked him right where it counts. I didn't even kick him very hard. He was much taller and stronger than I am. Yet he fell to the ground, holding his balls in pain. I even say tears in his eyes. He called me a bitch, but he never bothered me again. I say, it works.

Gravatar delf

2003. gada 11. oktobrī, plkst. 09:22

2 es: nee nu patiesiibaa stulbeni tie kam iesita olaas, un saka uz vinjaam - bitch, pashi jau nelabaaki :)

Gravatar cyberspace

2003. gada 11. oktobrī, plkst. 15:27

Kas tas par sviestu?:)

Gravatar kriptohitons

2003. gada 11. oktobrī, plkst. 16:15

RE, aarzemees jau mazas meiteniites apmaaca kaa dzekus pazemot. Ai, ai , ai.

Gravatar sylwia

2003. gada 12. oktobrī, plkst. 16:03

I/m really impressed of your website!!! Especially of "singing horses" wich are on laacz.lv/f/swf/hestekor.swf. my daughter loves watching them!!! On some strange way, I became this link from someone, and so,I found your blog. I'm from Poland and I don't understand any word on your blog site :)))))))))) anyway - greetings from Poland!!!!!!!!!!!

Gravatar Athlon

2003. gada 12. oktobrī, plkst. 16:38

Vecie labie zirdzinji :P

Gravatar efix

2003. gada 12. oktobrī, plkst. 17:31

... kurus taa ari iesmu noslinkojis apskatiit :P

Gravatar rxc

2003. gada 13. oktobrī, plkst. 09:11


greetings from Latvia!!!:)

Gravatar kugis

2003. gada 13. oktobrī, plkst. 11:31

yeah, greetings from Latvia... Sylwia, how comes that you don't understand a word when you are just 600 km away from us? For example - @Latvia we can understand many words in Polish(?) :)

Gravatar rxc

2003. gada 13. oktobrī, plkst. 11:39

yea, 4 example word "meblja" seen somewhere in Poland seems wery familiar to us! :)))

Gravatar SpainizMastah

2003. gada 13. oktobrī, plkst. 20:42

fck... laacz tu neizmet tos zirdzinjus! buus jaapastaas ..

Gravatar empire poker

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