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Lord of The Rings

2004. gada 10. februārī, 10 komentāri

Ja slavenā eposa autors nebūtu J. R. R. Tolkiens? Dikti jau nu jauki :)

Duglass Adamss:

On Omicron Alpha Charlie Zulu Tango Thirteen and Three-Quarters, there is a species of very short beings, with hairy feet, who live in cave like dwellings located in the rolling green hills of the planet. They are called Hobbitoids. Each Hobbitoid hole is very comfortable, indeed, offering all the amenities of modern living, albeit on a much smaller scale. One could say that such dwellings are rather comfortable, but only so comfortable as one can be afforded, given the average height of each occupant. Each hole has a very interesting doorway with a large round wooden door.

Hanss Kristians Andersens:

Once there was a beautiful golden ring that had been made by a terrible lord. This wicked lord wished to be the king of all the world. He made the little ring to help him gain power over the many good kings and queens who ruled in the lands about him.

The little ring was very proud that he was such a splendid ring. He knew that all who saw him wished to own him and be as powerful as the wicked lord. He saw many ride in battle to try to overthrow the wicked lord, but none ever succeeded. "I must be a wonderful thing!" thought the little ring, "I am coveted by all!"

Viljams Bleiks:

O Frodo, thou art sick
the invisible barb
that broke from the tip
of the cold nazgul blade

Has found out thy heart
and extinguished thy joy
and it's dark silent cold
does thy life destroy.

Viljams Šekspīrs:

Whither thou goest young shireling. Wouldst thou be upon a torrent of mischeif whist ring on potentcy on thy stoutly finger?

The Weird sisters be against me in a vile conspiracy of fate to have this ornament betrixt I and my shire. Twould not be a burden twere not for the temptress within my grip. To Mount Doom I must quest, with countenance gay.

U.t.t. U.t.j.pr. Daudz piemēru ne tikai iz literatūras, bet arī iz filmām, programmēšanas valodām, manuāļiem, u.t.t.

Vienvārdsakot - a complete waste of day.

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Gravatar nytro

2004. gada 10. februārī, plkst. 22:52

aarpraac, laacz - vai tu maz zini kas notiekaas ar tavu lapu, ja saliec vairaakas t.s cites, jeb blockquotes....???? viss texts aizbrauc pa kreisi... cik skumji....

Gravatar Shelly

2004. gada 11. februārī, plkst. 00:19

Savu laiku krievu valodā lasīju "Sarkangalvīti un vilku" dažādu autoru stlistikā. Varen jauki bija.

Gravatar Lupus

2004. gada 11. februārī, plkst. 04:05

2 Nytro - get a real browser. Piemēram iekš operas ir ideāls paskats.

Gravatar misame

2004. gada 11. februārī, plkst. 08:50

mja. tiešām kaut kas sāk šļukt pa kreisi. pillīgi liekas, ka kāds tags paliek neaizvērts ;)

Gravatar laacz

2004. gada 11. februārī, plkst. 08:52

misame, tagi ta visi ir aizvērti. Jocīgs //biheivjors// iekš IE...

Gravatar ulzha

2004. gada 11. februārī, plkst. 11:58

Latviski viņš mums ir J. R. R. Tolkīns, vismaz pirmajos tulkojumos.

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