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Gravatar kaaposc

2005. gada 16. decembrī, plkst. 16:14

vo, nenotureejaas pretii modes lietai :P

Gravatar CaptSolo

2005. gada 17. decembrī, plkst. 01:26

Nu - kā TimBL raksta - viņam nav īsti bijusi vajadzība pēc bloga: Effectively my blog has been the <a href="http://www.w3.org/DesignIssues/" rel="nofollow">Design Issues</a> series of technical articles.

Vēl interesanti: The first browser was actually a browser/editor, which allowed one to edit any page, and save it back to the web if one had access rights.

Gravatar CaptSolo

2005. gada 20. decembrī, plkst. 21:00

Jauns raksts vinja blogaa (aaa - un arii ilgs laiks liidz shii zinja uzpeldeeja arii Slashdotaa un Digg):

"Oops! Thanks for all the wonderful welcoming comments. We've had rather a lot, and had to turn the comments off on the first blog. I can't answer them all, but I would point out one thing. I just played my part.

I built on the work of others -- the Internet, invented 20 years before the web, by Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn and colleagues, for example, and hypertext, a word coined by Ted Nelson for an idea of links which was already implemented in many non-networked systems.

I just put these technologies together. And then, it all took off because of this amazing community of enthusiasts, who have done such incredible things with the technology, and are still advancing it in so many ways."